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Mission, Vision, and Values

Whether you choose the Guaranteed Sold Program or not, you always get our Triple Satisfaction Guarantee

Guarantee #1: Communication

Nothing frustrates a seller more than being left in the dark. Not hearing from their agent is the number one reason that 75% of people report being unhappy with their last agent. What you can expect from me is a call every Friday for an update and recap of the week. You will also receive feedback from us typically within 24 hrs. Additionally we will sit down face to face every 3 weeks to do a Market Plan review together and go over the full marketing strategy.

Guarantee #2: Easy Exit

Removing any risk of hiring us, and holding our feet firmly to the flames to deliver on our brand promise, is our easy exit guarantee. Most agents will lock you into a contract for 6 months or more, making the decision to hire someone a risky proposition.
With us its essentially a day to day contract. We hold our selves 100% accountable to You. This gives you the piece of mind that we have to perform or you can fire us at any time!

Guarantee #3: Security

Nothing can create more anxiety than having total strangers paraded through your house. Worse yet, often the first time an agent meets the prospective buyer is at your property. This can create a concern around security. Our commitment to YOU is that we will take all reasonable steps to properly qualify all potential showings and prospects in our office, not your living room. We use the latest in lockbox technology to keep a perfect record of everyone who has toured your home. We are proud to say that we have a never had an incident in the 10 years of using this system.

Social Responsibility

Real estate as a business and as an investment has been good to us. We feel it is our obligation to do some good in the community we live and work and some good abroad. We make it our mandate to make a donation to one of our favourite causes after every sale.

We are also working hard to become B Corp certified. B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

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